How to Manage Anxiety. The Three Simple Practices.

Dealing with anxiety
Dealing with anxiety

The 3 Simple Practices to Manage Anxiety

The feeling of anxiety can be so overwhelming that it spoils every day of your life. As a
response, your body chooses between fight, flight, or freeze reactions, although none of
them actually help cope with anxiety. Psychological treatment, like cognitive-behavioural
therapy (CBT), helps overcome anxiety, and you can also support yourself daily by trying
these techniques when you experience anxiety.

  1. Ask Questions
    It is necessary to remember that thoughts and fears caused by anxiety are not facts or laws,
    so reasonable questions help discover their delusive nature and get rid of them. Anxious
    predictions most often have nothing to do with reality. Thoughts like “my partner did not
    call me ten minutes ago, which means he or she had a car accident and died” or “my
    presentation is so bad and my public speaking skills are so poor that everyone will laugh at “me” can be easily refuted by a few questions. Just ask yourself if this situation has only one possible outcome or remember how many times similar events happened in the past.
  2. Face And Fight Your Fears
    The strategy of avoiding scary things and situations may be harmful because it prevents you
    from living your life and increases the fear of something that is not in fact dangerous. For
    example, social anxiety makes people avoid social contacts that can be useful and pleasant.
    Facing your fears and changing your behaviour stop the vicious cycle. If you are afraid that
    your coworkers will laugh at you because of your presentation, think about what you can do in this
    case, train your reaction, and prepare a couple of jokes in response. People like and respect
    those who can laugh at themselves and enjoy it.
  3. Stay Here And Now
    Anxiety makes us worry about the future creating terrible fantasies. Since the future is always
    uncertain, critical illnesses, disasters, accidents, or epic failures come to mind when you are
    anxious. Staying in the present and focusing on its small tasks helps fight anxiety. If you
    are overwhelmed with anxiety, tell yourself where you are, what your senses, not your
    imagination, show you and what you need to do right now. Try to accept that it is impossible
    to predict the future, especially if it concerns things that you personally cannot control. On the
    other hand, you can concentrate on your current challenges and put effort into dealing with
    them. Being here and now means that you live your life instead of wasting time in fruitless
    and fearful fantasies.
    Try and test these techniques when you are anxious. If you change the way you think about
    your fears and the way you act, step by step, it will reduce anxiety. If you need support and
    assistance in overcoming it, find a therapist and learn more efficient methods to manage

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