Individual & Couple Psychotherapy

We provide Online and In-person psychotherapy sessions for a wide range of issues, such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, divorce, childhood trauma, relationship crisis, communication troubles, low self-esteem, problems of adaptation, and grief.

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Psychotherapy services we provide

Individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can significantly improve the quality of life. It is effective in dealing with such common issues as Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Trauma, Grief, Stress, and Life Transitions.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples Counselling helps you work through conflicts and misunderstanding with non-judgmental professional guidance, in the safe therapeutic environment.

Initial Free Session

Initial Free Session

During a free initial consultation, you have a chance to ask questions and decide if the therapist is a good fit for your situation and personality.


At Exhale Psychotherapy, our passion lies in empowering individuals to achieve optimal mental wellness and emotional well-being. Our safe and welcoming environment provides personalized services tailored to your unique needs, fostering open communication, strengthening self-esteem, and inspiring positive transformation. Our team is committed to offering innovative solutions that help you manage your emotions and develop resilience. We believe that every individual has the power within themselves to overcome struggles and thrive. Let us help you unlock your full potential and support you on your journey towards healing and well-being. Remember, you are capable of achieving greatness and we can help you get there.

Aleksei Panov, MS Psy. RP

Registered Psychotherapist

  • Personal Psychotherapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Online Therapy
  • Anger Management Training
  • Couple Psychotherapy
  • Business Coaching
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As a psychotherapist, I am committed to providing the highest standard of care, utilizing effective techniques including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness. My unique blend of direct therapeutic experience and leadership skills have been instrumental in guiding individuals on their path to mental health wellness.

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Fees & Conditions

The majority of insurance providers typically include coverage for sessions with Registered Psychotherapists. However, it is always recommended to verify with your specific insurance company, as each may have unique requirements and conditions.

Initial Session

$ Free per session
  • Duration 15-20 minutes
  • Online (Video or Phone)
  • 24 hour cancellation

Individual Session

$ 150 per session
  • Duration 50 minutes
  • Online (Video or Phone)
  • 24 hour cancellation

Couple/Family session

$ 180 per session
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Video conference
  • 24 hour cancellation

How to Cope with Financial Stress and Anxiety

In today’s fast-paced world, financial challenges can often lead to feeling stressed about money, with repercussions that extend beyond the wallet to impact one’s mental and physical health. The constant worry over income, savings, and future financial security can

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  • Monday - Friday: 9 am - 7 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am - 12 pm
  • Sunday: Closed
Phone number

Phone number

+1 437 900 9779

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    Initial free session is 15-20 minutes long, and it is conducted over phone or video conferencing