individual counselling

Individual Counselling

It is a fact that psychotherapy can significantly improve the quality of life. Individual counselling is effective in dealing with such common issues as Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Trauma, Grief, Stress, and Life Transitions. 

The American Psychological Association research shows that around 75% of people who started therapy say they benefit from it and their everyday life improved. Sometimes the brain changes caused by psychotherapy are similar to changes caused by medications, such as anti-depressants or sleep medications.

Therapy can have a positive impact on your motivation, self-esteem, and self-confidence. It is a good way to identify harmful behavioural patterns and learn healthy communication strategies. Therapy can even change a person’s life script and teach them how to be winners who achieve their goals. As a result of going to a therapist, you gain emotion management techniques and coping skills that can be used in different day-to-day situations for the rest of your life. 

During the initial session, you can ask a therapist about approaches they use, the format of sessions, and other questions related to the therapy process. It helps you choose a professional that fits you. It is important to follow through with therapist’s assignments between sessions, such as writing in a journal or practicing what you have discussed. 

Seeking professional help to cope with mental health issues and other challenges is a wise decision that can make a dramatic difference in your life.

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If you have any questions or feel that you may need a help of a registered psychotherapist, please contact us or book a free initial session with us. 

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