Dealing with Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are scary. 

Everyone experiences a feeling of anxiety and fear sometimes. This feeling is our natural reaction to stress or danger. During a panic attack, a feeling of intense anxiety appears suddenly and for no reason. The physical symptoms may include nausea, sweating, dizziness shaking, feeling disorientated, dry mouth, breathlessness and irregular heartbeats. Although they are not harmful, they can be very frightening and, for example, resemble a heart attack.

Mostly, panic attacks last from five to thirty minutes.

Someone with regular panic attacks may start to avoid situations that could possibly trigger an attack. Doing so may create a vicious cycle of fear when an increasing feeling of anxiety causes panic attacks more often.

How to control panic attacks

It is important to understand that panic attacks pass without dangerous consequences and are only signs of anxiety. Therefore, do not be afraid of the symptoms and wait until the anxiety diminishes. Do not try to distract yourself by doing something, because facing the
fear will help to control it. It would help if someone can be with you during a panic attack telling you that these feelings are caused by anxiety and will disappear soon.

How to prevent and cope with a panic attack.

Breathing exercises. Breathing slower and deeper through your nose and your mouth during the attack will help you to fight the symptoms. You can count from one to five to breathe steadily.

Aerobic exercises. Regular workouts will reduce the stress level, and improve overall health and your mood.

A balanced diet. Healthy and regular eating will control your blood sugar level; avoiding caffeine and alcohol will ease the symptoms.

Psychotherapy. Therapeutic help, for example, Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), is an effective way of dealing with panic attacks and getting rid of them by finding and changing your negative thinking that causes your panic attacks.

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