Does online therapy work as well is in-person counselling?

Does Online Therapy Work? This question is still very common.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic and rapid technological development, nowadays therapy is often delivered via video chat programs like Zoom or over the phone. This type of counselling is called online therapy or teletherapy. Many people who would like to choose
this option are interested if online therapy is as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy.

online therapy

The research give a positive answer to this question. According to the National Center for Health Research (US), online therapy and in-person therapy are equally effective for treatment of depression, anxiety, and trauma, such as PTSD. Patients who receive online counselling services are as satisfied with their results and their relationship with the therapist as those who attended face-to-face meetings are. Some scientists, for example,
German Professor Andreas Maercker, even say that therapy services over the Internet are even more effective than conventional therapy.

Telepsychotherapy is an accessible and convenient form of counselling available from at a time and place of your choice. It can be more affordable as it has no added costs, like the cost of commuting to a therapist’s office. Individuals with social anxiety issues, agoraphobias or similar disorders may find it easier to use the online therapy option. Young people and teenagers tend to trust online counselling because they are accustomed to using Internet services and technology; it is also useful for people with physical

Online therapy can be a reliable and convenient way to access mental health services from the safe environment that you prefer, with flexible scheduling, and increased appointment options.


Journal Reference:
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